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Construction industry veteran invents soundproofing solution for wood-framed buildings

For the first time in more than two decades, apartment and condo living are about to get much quieter. HushFrame has created a simple, inexpensive decoupling connector that installs between the drywall and framing studs or joists. HushFrame Raft connectors are shown to outperform every acoustic product on the market.

Extensively tested in Chicago at Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories and Underwriters Laboratories (UL), HushFrame is certified for outstanding acoustic attenuation and fire resistance performance. Case says, “The patented pure silicone cores of the connectors trap noise vibration energy as it moves through the walls or floor/ceilings of buildings through the scientific phenomenon known as “viscous drag method of absorption”.

The proliferation of wood-framed mid-rise housing developments has challenged developers to effectively silence the noise that rumbles through this notoriously difficult to isolate construction technology. Case explains, “In decades past these buildings were mostly rental apartments where tenants were not equity holders, but the current wave includes large numbers of condominiums where buyers are shocked by the lack of privacy resulting from poor acoustic isolation.”

The lawyers have taken notice. Savvy law firms are aggressively pursuing class-action status for the buyers of condos built by developers lulled into a false sense of security by misinformed architects who expect acoustic efficacy from an array of products that fail to deliver. Number one is the ubiquitous resilient channel (RC), thin strips of light metal attached to faces of studs and joists before drywall. Recent laboratory testing exposes the reliance on RC to bring these buildings into code compliance is a mistake. Field testing funded by law firms is revealing that a shocking number of buildings do not meet basic acoustic code compliance.

The inclusion of HushFrame Raft connectors allows developers the freedom to build walls with studs as narrow as 2-1/2” and achieve acoustic privacy that exceeds building code mandates.

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