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Digging Beneath Fountain Hills with Wyman Grading

It’s one of the most challenging questions in construction: how long will a project take to finish? And Wyman Grading and Excavating Inc. provides one of the most memorable answers.

Victoria Wyman

“Every builder asks us how long it will take,” Victoria Wyman, co-owner of the excavation company, says. “Unfortunately, Mother Nature is like any woman. It will take as long as she wants it to take. She controls how much resistance she will give. If she wants us to be there all year long, we will keep hammering until she gives in.”

To reiterate her statement, Wyman discusses one of her company's most interesting current projects, a mountainside excavation for a multi-million-dollar custom home in Fountain Hills. "For instance, we'll complete this project in roughly 3 - 6 months, not including backfilling multiple retaining walls,” she says.

According to Wyman, the project comprises 20 feet of cut/hard dig, screening, and trucking. “What’s interesting about this job is the soil color in this community. The dirt looks like red clay, and it’s neat to see all the different types of dirt in Arizona. Some have gold, silver, and granite flakes.”

Victoria Wyman and her husband, Jim Wyman, restarted their excavation company specializing in mountainside projects in 2016. Wyman Grading enjoys collaborating with influencers to create fun and aesthetically pleasing photos and other advertising for the male-dominated industry. In addition, they enjoy going the extra mile for their customers, sometimes meeting them at the job site to review the excavation plan. They also bring the job site to their clients.

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This article originally appeared in the bimonthly Arizona Contractor & Community magazine, May/Jun 2023 issue, Vol. 12, No. 3.


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