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Dwellify offers one-stop solutions for renovating kitchens and bathrooms

Dwellify took this tired, outdated Arizona kitchen and upgraded it to a warm yet sleek design inspired by Southwestern living.

While the general layout of the kitchen was good, the dated lighting situation and dark finishes made the space feel cold and unwelcoming. Together with the homeowner, Dwellify landed on a sleek, Midcentury Modern-inspired design that incorporated warm-toned wood, polished concrete floors, stacked brick backsplash, and black accents.

Drawing inspiration from Dwellify’s Midcentury Modern Design Package style, the homeowners received a curated Design Box, including sample highlights for various backsplash options, rich-toned wood flooring, white quartz countertop, and shaker-style cabinetry.

Drawing inspiration from the Midcentury Modern design style, the homeowners received a curated Dwellify Design Box, including sample materials for white backsplashes, countertops, and paint. This style creates a striking and inviting atmosphere while embracing organic elements and earthy tones. The transformation took two months with a budget of $30,000.

Customer Testimonial:

Start to finish a great experience. Home remodeling made fun and easy. The entire Dwellify team was professional and went above and beyond to make the process an enjoyable one. And the results were stunning!

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