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K2 Electric Volunteers in Mexico with 1Mission

Serving others is a tremendous gift, but not just for the people receiving the help. That lesson was learned first-hand by 12 employees from K2 Electric who volunteered to help build a home for a family in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. In November, these K2 Electric employees joined forces with 1Mission to complete the first phase of a home build.

1Mission is an organization that aims to provide housing for people living without safe and secure shelter by offering rewarding short-term mission trip experiences that honor the local leaders and provide positive, healthy outcomes for the communities in which they serve.

“I gained some good reminders by going - to really understand how much of a need there is for service and hospitality in all corners of our world, the importance of gratitude and thanksgiving for all that I've been blessed with, and a re-focus on how I might be able to serve my neighbor in a kind way,” said K2 HR Director Josh Carmichael, who took part in the mission trip. “It was definitely what I expected - hard work, fun, building relationships with the K2 and 1Mission team, and great Mexican food.”

The families selected for this opportunity have dedicated their lives to serving their communities and have positively impacted their neighbors. This gift allows these families to continue their impact without having to worry about shelter.

The K2 Electric team achieved its goal of completing Phase 1 of a home build during their 3-day trip, where they were able to use their building knowledge and talent. The team was able to bond in an impactful way and particularly enjoyed interacting with the local foreman. Members of the K2 Electric party shared that the hardest part of the project was the concrete work to form the outer walls of the home.

The team was moved by the emotional response of all the volunteers during their trip, especially after seeing existing living conditions. K2 walked away with immense gratitude for the experience and plans to attend another trip with 1Mission this spring.

“I was reminded how fortunate I am to have a nice, climate-controlled place to lay my head every night,” said Faron Balone, a Field Operations Manager for K2. “The experience was not what I expected at all. Seeing families happy and content with so little in life made me realize how caught up I am in consumerism. Believe me when I say that changes will be made in my lifestyle.”

The 1Mission experience was exceptional and K2 extends their continued support to this great organization and to the staff that made this trip so enjoyable.

“(1Mission is) very organized in what they are doing - from having a foreman ready to support each crew, to having a schedule of events for teams supporting their work there,” said Carmichael.

For more information on how to support 1Mission please visit


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