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P.B. Bell Welcomes New Pre-Construction Director to Work With Land Acquisition and Development Teams

P.B. Bell, a leader in multifamily housing development and management, recently hired Timothy Donhauser as a new pre-construction director.

In his new role, Donhauser will be working closely with the land acquisition and development teams by providing constructability and value engineering reviews in order to continue the highest level of quality for the P.B. Bell team.

"I have always been passionate about the building of multifamily housing," said Timothy Donhauser, pre-construction director at P.B. Bell. "I have been very fortunate to broaden my experiences and background during my professional career, so I'm very excited to have the opportunity to rejoin the P.B. Bell team and lend my expertise in incorporating efficient construction practices while helping to maintain design goals in this new role."

Donhauser is an industry veteran and has worked on numerous projects covering a broad-spectrum of multifamily product types, from class A luxury, work-force housing, LIHTC to student housing. After working as a development project manager at P.B. Bell for almost four years, he went on to utilize his skills to work at Hardison Downey Construction and Bethel Development/Qualcon Builders.

"It is great to have Tim rejoin our team," said Justin Steltenpohl, chief operating officer at P.B. Bell. "With his previous experience at P.B. Bell, along with his recent professional endeavors, Tim will bring a multifaceted experience and expertise to support our team. This will lend itself greatly to his success within the industry and will allow our development team to function at its highest level."

P.B. Bell is celebrating its 45-years in Arizona, serving as one of the state's leading development and management of multifamily housing companies. Its growth in portfolio and team will continue to expand in 2022. For career opportunities, visit For more information about P.B. Bell, please visit


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