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The award-winning luxury desert oasis offers a transformative stay through new series of Yoga & Wellness getaways

Reconnecting with nature is a sought-after experience these days as travelers seek to make up for lost time looking to adults-only luxury travel escapes & hotel destinations that foster and encourage much-needed peace & tranquility to reset and recharge with a truly restorative vacation. With growing interest in transformative stays that connect travelers directly with the natural elements, Arizona’s award-winning Castle Hot Springs is unveiling a series of immersive Yoga and Wellness retreats, designed for travelers to experience the magic of a quiet mind, undisturbed by the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes against the majestic Bradshaw Mountains, this adults-only and all-inclusive desert oasis invites guests to bask in the luxury of pure tranquility.

Timed around the solar calendar of the solstices and equinoxes, each retreat immerses guests in the soothing sounds of the surrounding wilderness, creating a space for introspection, relaxation, and mental clarity. The ultimate sensorial resetto enrich the mind, body, and spirit, guests will be guided through insightful discussions, enlightening meditations, and centering activities, putting them into alignment with the current season and onto a transformative path to part ways with old patterns that disrupt their overall wellbeing. During each Retreat experience, guests will also have ample free time to explore the resort, including soaking in the world-class mineral rich hot springs or choose from a variety of nature-oriented complimentary activities including stand-up paddleboard yoga or picturesque hiking amongst the Sonoran Desert’s native flora & fauna. When it’s time to refuel, the all-inclusive resort goes above and beyond on culinary programming by offering world-class Michelin-level plated dishes and tasting menus utilized by the vibrant and impressive on-site farm, serving as another resource for guests to naturally benefit from the surrounding region during their stay.

Developed by wellness curator Colleen Inman, published author of wellness and yoga books “Balancing the Earth Element” and her upcoming “Journey Inward”, Inman curated the new retreats at Castle Hot Springs by tapping into the natural and restorative elements of the surrounding geography, locale, and season.

“In perfect step with nature, we are working with elemental themes to tap into a much deeper bandwidth of the understanding of wellness,” states Inman. “Our intention with these retreats is to put guests in harmony with the natural circadian rhythm to find their optimal health, so we’re matching pitch with nature and amping it up with a directive wellness program.”

“Simply just being at Castle Hot Springs surrounded by the Bradshaw mountains is a natural tune-up,” adds Inman. “Our goal is to help guests restore clarity of the mind, recode their cellular structure, and give them a breath of fresh air in the mind and body, ultimately leaving them with an ability to move through everyday life with more intention.”


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