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Suntec hires Will Novak as Director of Business Development

Suntec Concrete, the largest commercial concrete contractor in the Southwest, continues to grow its market segments and strategic networking throughout the region with the recent hiring of economic development expert Will Novak as Director of Business Development.

Novak brings a strong track record of success in the public sector and business attraction to the 1400-employee firm that continues to grow in its regional markets. Based in Phoenix, Suntec also has regional offices in Colorado and Utah. Novak’s role will be to build on and enhance Suntec’s relationships with and product delivery to its current clients.

For the past two-plus years, Novak served as the Economic Development Project Manager for the City of Mesa. Before that, he was an Assistant to the Mayor and a Council Research Analyst for the City of Phoenix. He also spent more than three years with the Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC).

“We are excited and grateful to have Will Novak join with us at Suntec,” said Suntec President Derek Wright. “His expertise and background will further enhance the level of service we are delivering to our clients and the market as a whole.”

“In this new role, instead of working with companies that might come to the Valley, I’ll be working with companies that already decided to come to the Valley and helping them get their buildings built,” said Novak. “I am honored to join a growing company who has served developers, general contractors, and architects in the Valley for decades building the most challenging projects. They dominate the market with a glowing reputation in the Southwest and Mountain West. Jerry Barnier and Derek Wright impressed me to a level that was consistent with their well-regarded reputation. I am looking forward to working with this incredible leadership team.”

Novak is a graduate of Arizona State University with a degree in Public Service/Public Policy and received his Creative City Certification. He plans to remain active in Valley organizations such as the Arizona Association of Economic Developers and NAIOP. Novak is also a Board Member of Preserve Phoenix and a member of the Congress for the New Urbanism.


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