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The Tranquility of Castle Hot Springs is only a Short Drive from the Valley

As the pandemic continues to shape the future of travel, visitors seek quiet and safe getaways, local travelers are looking for a responsible way to fulfill their longing for a much-needed, socially distant escape while still remaining close to home, searching for off-the-grid destinations in their own home states.

Located just 50 miles from—and a little over an hour’s drive from Phoenix, you’ll find one of Arizona’s most serene and mesmeric hidden gems—the historic Castle Hot Springs stands at the ready to provide much-needed respite for local travelers seeking nearby destinations to relax, replenish, and recharge from the stresses of last year.

The desert oasis offers several activities for those looking to add adventure or pure relaxation to their getaway itineraries, including:

Nature-Inspired Accommodations

Guest accommodations have been built with the intention to immerse guests with the environment at every moment, including the Sky View Cabins that are perfectly positioned for stargazing; and Spring Bungalows which feature private fireplaces as well as outdoor tubs that source mineral water directly from the springs.

Digital Detox Approach

Rooted in the pursuit of health and wellness, the expansive 1,100-acre property––located in the Sonoran Desert amongst the Bradshaw Mountains––employs a “Digital Detox” approach that strives to provide visitors with the opportunity to unplug from the stresses of daily life and connect intimately with nature without interruption or disruption (including replacing televisions in guestrooms with shelves of books).

Named to Conde Nast Traveler’s 2020 Hot List, the 34-room resort features ancient thermal hot springs that have long made it a restorative ground for visitors beginning with Native Americans who journeyed to the mineral-rich hot springs for medicinal purposes and then eventually became the winter wellness retreat of choice for America’s Titans of Industry.

Explore The Great Outdoors

In addition to swimming and soaking in the thermal springs, guests can choose from a variety of activities including horseback riding, hiking, and training in archery amongst the resort’s surrounding rugged terrain; pickle and bocce ball on the great lawn; yoga and meditation sessions; and Arizona’s first-ever Via Ferrata cable climbing course.

Flavor Farming-Driven Culinary Excellence

Last but certainly not least, is the culinary element that ties into the resort’s overall wellness approach. The sustainable ‘Flavor Farming’-driven culinary and agricultural teams at Castle Hot Springs, emphasize growing and utilizing crops for flavor rather than size and yield. The agricultural team comprised of Arizona natives grows more than 500 varieties of rare and indigenous fruits, vegetables, herbs, and florals (and more than 30 types of heirloom tomatoes alone) annually on the resort’s thriving one-acre organic farm and greenhouse, all of which supply the resort’s dining capabilities.


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