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The Villas on McQueen: Chandler's First Public Housing Conversion through HUD's RAD Program

The City of Chandler and Gorman & Company are excited to announce the recent groundbreaking development of Villas on McQueen, Chandler's first public housing project converted through the HUD's Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program. The groundbreaking event was held at 77 N. McQueen Rd. at the corner of McQueen and East Trails End Place in Chandler, Ariz.

This innovative project marks a significant milestone in Chandler's housing landscape, aiming to provide low and moderate-income renters with environmentally and economically sustainable housing options, complete with on-site resident services. The Chandler City Council unanimously approved Villas on McQueen, underscoring the community's strong support for this transformative initiative. The development is set to invigorate the neighborhood, further enhanced by the new retail development on the adjacent parcel.

“Today’s milestone has been years in the making,” Chandler Mayor Kevin Hartke said. “We are one step closer to modernizing our aging housing facilities and providing much-needed housing options for families and seniors in Chandler. I’m thankful for our city staff and our partners for their diligent work to get us to this point.”

Conveniently located just one block from a high-frequency bus route, Villas on McQueen offers easy access to essential services, including schools, healthcare providers, parks, social services, recreational amenities, and employment opportunities. The project is thoughtfully designed to accommodate a diverse resident population, including seniors, Veterans, individuals with developmental disabilities (IDDs), and families.

"Villas on McQueen represents a major step forward in providing supportive housing options in Chandler," Sally Schwenn, Arizona Market President for Gorman & Company, said. "This project not only addresses the immediate housing needs of the community but also ensures long-term benefits through its amenities and accessibility features."

Villas on McQueen is set to become a cornerstone of Chandler's master redevelopment plan, showcasing a model for future public housing projects and setting a new standard for community-centric development.


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