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DrawAlert Announces Pay-App and Draw Processing with Version 3.6 Update

DrawAlert, the market's leading Construction Administration Software, recently released the much-anticipated version 3.6. The latest version of DrawAlert features the addition of an end-to-end Pay App and Draw Processing functionality.

"DrawAlert began as a way to prevent stakeholders from being caught off guard by costly errors like tardy payments, disputes and liens that can delay – or even derail – a construction project," said Tom Pritscher, Co-Founder of DrawAlert. "With DrawAlert v3.6, you can now support fully collaborative pay App Processing."

DrawAlert v3.6 provides more efficient processes and transparency for every stakeholder on construction projects. The latest release continues that trend, all while supporting faster processing from the creation of the schedule of values through each draw cycle. Features included in v3.6 include:

  • Pay Applications: Subcontractors can submit all required documentation to Prime Contractors for review and approval.

  • Draw Requests: Prime Contractors can create Draw Requests for review and approval by their customers and Owners can digitally pass on to their accounting team or Lenders for funding.

  • Change Orders: Complete Change Order Tracking with supported documentation throughout the life of a project.

  • Construction Schedule of Values: Subcontractor Contact Progress and Prime Contractor project costs are now visible throughout the project.

  • Other Schedule of Values: Documentation of all project expenses not tied to construction.

  • Approval Process: All appropriate stakeholders can quickly approve Waivers and Invoices.

  • PayApp Report: Once the Waiver Approval Process is complete, all Draw data is generated into a PayApp Report.

DrawAlert v3.6 now also offers enhanced integration options to accounting systems for Prime Contractor, Owner and Lender teams as well as support for a digital handoff to asset management systems.

A DrawAlert Certified Project reduces costs, saves time and improves results on construction projects. For more information about DrawAlert, please visit or call (877) 909-1776.

About DrawAlert: DrawAlert is a Construction Administration Software that breaks down barriers once separating project owners from contractors and subcontractors, with an easy-to-use online portal. With access to this portal, all parties add required documentation and are notified when funds are transferred or received. Our Bi-Directional Peer-Rated Directory helps identify and attract best-practices contractors across all 50 states.

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