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1SHOT™ Steel Stud Anchors Fastens Directly to Steel Studs, Facilitating DIY and Professional Carpent

Entrepreneur Mark Robbeson has created a uniquely designed product that changes the playing field for building contractors and homeowner do-it-yourselfers. The 1SHOT™ Steel Stud Anchor is not only a time- and money-saver for contractors building tall skyscrapers, it’s also a quick and easy way for consumers living in homes with steel studs to safely and securely hang pictures, mirrors, cabinets and other heavy items.

“While I was designing and building TV studios in Canada, my friends and clients were also asking me to do carpentry in their homes around the city,” Robbeson said. “Time and time again, I had the same problem with interior walls—I had to spend time to open up the drywall and pack the studs with wood or add sheets of plywood to mount cabinets and TVs to the wall. I came up with the 1SHOT™ Steel Stud Anchor to alleviate this problem.”

High-rise apartment buildings and offices constructed with steel studs dominate our skylines, but they also present a unique problem for owners. Until now, screwing into 25-gauge steel studs while getting real grab and serious holding power has been nearly impossible. The newly patented 1SHOT™ Steel Stud Anchor is a breakthrough way to eliminate this hindrance, as they fasten directly to 25-gauge studs, eliminating the need for solid wood backing. “Why bother with Bailey boards when all you need to do is find the stud, send it in and add your fastener,” Robbeson said.

Skyscrapers usually have a block or cement wall or two, but most walls are framed with

25-gauge steel studs, which are thin and usually not very strong. Conventional screws tend to strip easily and pull away from the studs, so additional sheets of wood or plywood must be inserted in the walls, which adds an expensive extra step in the construction schedule.

With Mark’s new design, contractors and consumers can finally fasten directly to the 25-gauge stud when installing cabinets, hanging flat screen TVs and attaching heavy entertainment centers and other furniture. The 1SHOT™ Steel Stud Anchor works with all Ikea suspension-rail wall-mount systems, including Sektion Rail and Besta Rail, without any modifications.

The 1SHOT™ Steel Stud Anchor is an unconventional fastener that attaches directly and holds tight to thin steel studs—which is an impossible feat for regular screws and fasteners. Available for distribution by commercial suppliers, including Fastenal in the United States and Canada, and Orgill and House Hasson for retail distribution, 1SHOT™ Steel Stud Anchor is tariff-free and manufactured in North America.

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