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Rosendin Names Five New Leaders in 2020 Succession Plan

Rosendin, the electrical contracting industry’s largest employee-owned firm, is pleased to announce it will promote five longstanding officers to replace retiring company leaders. The 2020 Executive Leadership Succession Plan positions Mike Greenawalt as the new Chief Executive Officer, replacing Tom Sorley, who is retiring after 26 years at the helm. Paolo Degrassi will be promoted to President, succeeding the retiring Larry Beltramo, who has been with Rosendin for 44 years.

Mike Greenawalt, Rosendin CEO

As part of the year-long succession plan at this $2 billion company, a new organizational structure is being implemented that has the need for two Chief Operating Officers for the company’s 15 regional offices and anticipated future growth. Matt Englert is promoted to Chief Operating Officer over the Western Division, and Keith Douglas will hold the title of Chief Operating Officer over the Eastern Division. Additionally, Justin Tinoco is now Executive Vice President. These five leaders will make up the new Executive Committee formerly made up of Sorley, Beltramo and Executive Vice President Jim Hawk, who will also be retiring at the end of 2020.

The retiring executives have more than 100-years of experience at Rosendin combined. To ensure a smooth transition during a time of rapid growth, all three will remain with Rosendin through 2020, providing support and mentoring for the new executive team, and a bridge for business partners.

“Realizing that our C-Suite executives were considering retirement around the same time, we decided the best thing for both our customers and our employees was to announce our succession plan early,” said Sorley, who will remain Executive Chairman of the Board. “Allowing for longer transitions helps promote stability, while also giving the new leadership team more time to refine their processes and to focus on their team priorities that will take our company forward into the next 100 years.”

Sorley continued saying, “Mike’s contributions over his career helped solidify Rosendin as an important player nationally in the construction industry. He embraces new technology and has developed advancements that are having significant influence throughout the commercial construction industry. As I began considering retirement, I knew that Mike was the right person to assume my role as CEO because, in addition to building upon what we’ve already achieved, he’ll continue to innovate and take the company to even greater heights.”

“Tom has been an amazing mentor, teacher, and friend, and I’m honored that he and the Board have given me this opportunity,” said Greenawalt. “Having started my career as an apprentice, I know what it’s like to wake up in the dark and drive to a job site, and I know what it’s like to sit in an office with a bid due date the next day. I understand the effect that a seemingly small decision has on employees at all levels of the company, as well as the effect it has on our customers and partners. I’m committed to carrying this perspective with me as we focus on the next 100 years of Rosendin to make sure we have the talent, resources and processes in place to take advantage of the many growth opportunities we’re seeing across the country.”

The announcement comes as Rosendin wraps up a year of recognition to the shared success of its employees, customers, and partners that enabled the company to celebrate its 100th year in business. The new executive team will lead Rosendin’s 7,000+ employees into the next 100 years with new inspiration for growth.

“I’m extremely proud of the growth we’ve achieved and the team we have built at Rosendin, and I’m very excited and confident that now is the right time to transition the leadership team. As the company grows more diverse with a new range of services, we need a leadership team in place that will lead the organization into its next 100 years,” said Beltramo, who is also the President of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA). “When thinking of who best to succeed me, it was clear that Paolo is the perfect choice not only because of his knowledge and ability to lead high performance teams, but for the respect and trust he’s earned from his peers both here at Rosendin and within the industry. I am looking forward to working with the new leadership team and continuing to serve on the Board of Directors here at Rosendin.”

“I never would have thought 20-30 years ago, when I had my tools doing building work on a site, that I would one day be President of a 7000-employee company,” said Degrassi. “Larry’s trusted leadership at Rosendin and NECA serve as a great model of how I will approach my role as President, and I’m thrilled that we will continue to work together over the next year to ensure a smooth transition. Our industry is constantly evolving and changing, and thus my goal is to help Mike and the leadership team make decisions that keep Rosendin ahead of the curve. One of the ways I plan to do that is by listening to our employees, customers, and our industry peers to understand their needs and to adjust accordingly and quickly.”

Greenawalt added how motivated he is to work with this talented team of leaders, believing the group has a significant advantage over other companies that go through a leadership transition. First, he cited the long histories at Rosendin of each member of the C-Suite, which would remove the learning curve of understanding the organization’s culture and processes. Second, each leader is already knowledgeable about how they can make an immediate positive impact in their areas of influence. Finally, Greenawalt cited the benefits that an extended transition provides as leaders can continue seeking guidance and advice from Jim, Larry, and Tom over the course of the year to ensure the transition is smooth and successful.


MIKE GREENAWALT, Chief Executive Officer: Mike has over 40 years of construction industry experience beginning his career as an Apprentice Electrician. He joined Rosendin in 2002 as a Division Manager in the Arizona office and grew the office and team, becoming Vice President of Operations. Mike’s management and field experience have provided him with the skillset and expertise to grow highly technical and effective operations teams across the country. As Chief Executive Officer, Mike will continue to build on Rosendin’s foundations to lead, inspire, and build while positioning the company as an innovative industry leader.

PAOLO DEGRASSI, President: Paolo began his career as an Apprentice Electrician in 1985 and spent 19 years in the field before moving into project management. In 2006, he started at Rosendin as a Senior Project Manager on the design-build, mixed-use Hollywood and Vine project in Hollywood, CA. He was quickly recognized as a leader, being promoted to Division Manager in the Los Angeles office and then to Vice President, where he oversaw multiple divisions in Southern California. As President, Paolo, alongside Mike Greenawalt, will continue to build, enhance, and maintain Rosendin’s relationships with clients, industry partners, NECA, and IBEW nationwide.

KEITH DOUGLAS, COO (East): Rosendin’s Chief Operating Officer in the Eastern Division will remain based at the Sterling, VA office where he started in 2012. Keith started at Rosendin as the Division Manager of the Virginia office. He quickly grew the East Coast team to five divisions and expanded to three offices, including Maryland and North Carolina. As Chief Operating Officer, Keith will optimize Rosendin’s operating capabilities to support strategic growth in new markets through the Southwest, Texas, Reno, and the East Coast. He will oversee and support the operating units in those same regions and ensure alignment of Rosendin’s Core Values across the organization.

MATT ENGLERT, COO (West): Matt began his career with Rosendin, over 19 years ago, as an Assistant Project Manager. Matt quickly progressed through the organization as a Project Manager, Project Executive, and Director leading the organization through complex power and technology projects. He established Rosendin’s Mission Critical Group in 2008, and founded Rosendin’s sister company, Modular Power Solutions, in 2011. As Chief Operating Officer, Matt will lead high-performance teams and set the direction for continuous operational innovation. He will oversee and support the operating units in Hawaii, California, and the Pacific Northwest and ensure alignment of Rosendin’s Core Values across the organization.

JUSTIN TINOCO, Executive Vice President: Justin joined Rosendin in 2001 during the last year of his apprenticeship in the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC). He was quickly recognized as a future leader, rising through the field, traveling for jobs, and working on some of Rosendin’s most challenging and complex projects. In 2012, he became the Director of Modular Power Solutions, Rosendin’s sister company, and Vice President in 2016. As Executive Vice President, Justin will focus on setting direction, aligning resources, driving innovation, and developing and implementing operational standards across the country. He will also oversee national labor relations, LEAN initiatives, QA-QC, workforce development, and support Rosendin’s safety standards company-wide.

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