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PottyPros Helps Thousands of Vital Construction Workers in New York & New Jersey Return to Work

Potty Pros in New Jersey, has just deployed an entire fleet of more than 200 mobile sanitation stations to help critical construction sites across New Jersey and New York to stay open during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Many of these construction projects employ thousands of New Jersey and New York workers every day, including significant infrastructure projects that exceed over $4 billion.

Joe Murray, general manager of PottyPros (Sanitary Solutions, Inc) had this to say:

"It feels pretty good to help others stay open during this unprecedented time. We have some job sites that have over 1,000 people working there daily, and up till today, they never had sanitation units; now everyone is taking personal hygiene very seriously."

With the coronavirus already impacting businesses across New Jersey and New York, active construction sites must stay both safe and productive. In addition to keeping an appropriate distance, having portable handwashing stations at construction locations will help stop the spread of the virus.

With the shipment of these essential handwashing stations, construction companies can remain in business while so many other companies have shut their doors. Construction is the 6th largest employment sector in the country.

Like their name implies, Potty Pros is a porta potty rental company specializing in sanitation solutions for special events, parks, disaster relief, and of course, construction. When the local government ordered a shutdown on New Jersey events, the owner of PottyPros decided on sourcing portable handwashing stations to supply critical businesses. For more information on how to obtain a mobile sanitation station for your business or job site, you can visit the PottyPros website at

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