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MaintenX Shares What to Expect When Re-Opening Your Business

As businesses emerge from their COVID-19 related closures, facility managers must consider the potential maintenance challenges their facility has endured. Hot building temperatures, unused plumbing, dust, grime and pests can all take a toll on dark stores. MaintenX International has more than 40 years' experience with dark store maintenance and prepping for store openings. MaintenX has become a trusted partner for facility managers working to get their business back up and running.

As businesses begin to reopen, these MaintenX tips can help to restore normalcy when facilities open their doors to employees and customers:

1. Check for HVAC Damage Usually the first things to fail in a facility enduring a long-term closure are condenser fan motors and evaporator blower motors in the HVAC system. As a facility handles various levels of rain and heat, the motor bearings can rust if they are not used. The comfort of staff and customers will become a top priority, so it's important to ensure HVAC systems are ready to begin running again. Make sure to perform routine checks on your HVAC systems to ensure they have not been compromised from the lack of use during your facility closure.

2. Test your Water Quality Much like an HVAC system, the plumbing in a facility can suffer from a lack of operation. When plumbing pipes are unused for an extended amount of time, water quality can become compromised. It's possible for water to collect an excessive amount of heavy metals and pathogens that remain concentrated in the pipes. MaintenX techninicans recommend an evaluation of plumbing systems to ensure water supplies and team members stay safe.

3. Implement Thorough Cleaning Procedures The most important step before allowing employees back into work is to implement an in-depth facility cleaning. When buildings are left unattended they can collect dust and grime, or even receive some unwanted visitors searching for snacks or trash left behind. A thorough cleaning will jump start a businesses' productivity and efficiency.

4. Plan Ahead for Preventative Maintenance COVID-19 has taught us to expect the unexpected, so it's best to be prepared. Businesses that have a proper preventative maintenance plan in place are able to reduce the likelihood of expensive, unexpected breakdowns to important systems like HVAC, plumbing and electrical. Routine maintenance can also help stop a minor issue, like a small roof leak, from turning into a costly major disaster as we all emerge from this time of crisis.

For more information about MaintenX and to learn more about getting your business ready for a re-opening, visit

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