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The 1,100-acre tucked away luxury resort oasis welcomes guests to reset your circadian cycle in the Sonoran Desert while uncovering the secret to a good night’s rest in January and May 2023

With many of us collectively redirecting our attention inwards to our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, a restful night’s sleep is often overlooked despite being critical to our overall health function. As Americans reprioritize rest in the wake of the pandemic and with sleep tourism steadily on the rise, travel experiences that help to create healthy sleep strategies for long term wellbeing are booming, offering travelers the essential tools to reset and reboot their sleep schedules. With 7 out of 10 Americans not getting restorative rest, Arizona’s award-winning Castle Hot Springs is on a mission to relieve and revive weary travelers looking for the ultimate reset and reboot in 2023 with two new sleep retreats (January 5-8, 2023 and May 18-21, 2023) designed to help guests jump start a healthy sleep routine.

Led by acclaimed sleep researcher and author, Dr. Rebecca Robbins, each three-night Sleep Retreat will seamlessly integrate the surrounding nature and wellness aspects of the property into a fully immersive experience centered on reforming your sleep at Arizona’s luxury desert oasis and wellness hideaway—a 1,100-acre nature-filled sleep sanctuary, dedicated to enriching the mind, body, and spirit. Seamlessly infused with the property’s nature-centric ethos, Dr. Robbins will guide guests through discussions, strategies, meditations, and centering activities including circadian-boosting yoga and morning hikes, all designed to help achieve the increasingly unattainable daily luxury of uninterrupted rest. The goal is for sleep seekers to leave the resort with the knowledge and tools to slumber with ease and intention.

The two immersive Sleep Retreats at Castle Hot Springs, offered January 5 – 8, 2023 and May 18 – 21, 2023, will incorporate your choice of accommodations and all the amenities and inclusions of a stay at this boutique resort, plus:

§ Scheduled Sleep Lectures by Dr. Robbins, with the opportunity to explore what you should know about your unique sleep schedule.

§ Sleep Tracking: Throughout the retreat, guests will be asked to track their sleep as a way to understand their current habits and discuss each morning as a group. By understanding one’s habits, guests can make immediate changes to their sleep patterns and find a more restorative rest.

§ Morning Sunlight Exposure: On two of the three mornings, guests will embark on a circadian boosting hike led by Dr. Robbins. The morning sunlight exposure paired with beauty of the Sonoran Desert will offer an immersive nature experience, proven to help regulate one’s circadian rhythm.

Along with plenty of free time to explore the resort and enjoy the benefits of desert soaking in the mineral-rich hot springs—guests can choose from a variety of activities including stand up paddleboard yoga, farm tours, hiking, and training in archery amongst the resort’s surrounding rugged terrain; pickle & bocce ball on the great lawn; and the state’s first-ever Via Ferrata course. 

“Sleep is a critical component of our health, productivity, happiness, and longevity, and supports so many vital functions, from our ability to perform in our professional lives, treat our loved ones with kindness, manage our mood and our weight, and lead a full, fulfilling life. There has been an enormous increase in and attention to sleep tourism in the past several months, or travel that would allow travelers to truly restore and recharge. This is an exciting change, because our research among travelers before the pandemic found that very few regular travelers reported enjoying or being satisfied with the sleep they got while travelling.” - Dr. Rebecca Robbins

A Holistic Approach to Wellness

Castle Hot Springs offers a well-balanced approached to wellness, allowing guests to reset throughout the entire retreat. The geothermal hot springs have long made it a restorative ground for visitors beginning with Native Americans who journeyed to the mineral-rich hot springs for medicinal purposes. Naturally occurring, the hot springs boast a variety of beneficial minerals – particularly rich in lithium, magnesium, and bicarbonates, which together can help ease, aching joints and muscles, calm the mind and lift one’s mood.

A one-of-a-kind adult getaway (ages 16 and up only), Castle Hot Springs is located just an hour’s drive from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport yet remains a perfectly remote hideaway for those seeking to disconnect in a naturally distanced environment.

The Sleep Retreat experience at Castle Hot Springs starts at $2,458 per night for double occupancy and check booking information here.


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