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ACC Magazine Spotlights Van Buren Street in the Mar/Apr Issue

The Mar/Apr 2024 issue spotlights the neon-lit path that once guided motorists to Phoenix, a city that once had the world at its fingertips. Polynesian villages, royal chateaus, and a Middle Eastern oasis were set among the Statue of Liberty, Old Faithful, and the Alamo in a scene reminiscent of Disney’s Magic Kingdom. This mid-century assemblage of geographical whimsy consisted of motels cloaked in exotic themes along Van Buren Street, one of the nation's most dazzling roadside strips. Enjoy learning how this amazing highway strip was built, what some of its memorable features were, and how it died.

Copies of the magazine are available via the ACC website, at Books on Seventh Avenue in Phoenix, or at the Ignite Sign Museum in Tucson.


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