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ECM Technologies Announces Exclusive Partnership with AC Wise to Expand ThermaClear's in Asia

Advanced ThermaClear solution enhances HVAC system performance to promote eco-friendly initiatives and facilitate building decarbonization

Phoenix-based ECM Technologies, a leading innovator in HVAC efficiency and energy conservation solutions, is proud to announce its strategic international partnership with Singapore-based company, AC Wise, to distribute ThermaClear® – a groundbreaking HVAC anti thermal degradation technology – to the Asian market. As the demand for energy efficient and sustainable technology grows, ThermaClear's entry into the international market holds the promise of optimizing operations, reducing environmental impact and improving overall operational cost-effectiveness for both the commercial and residential sectors.

ThermaClear, developed by ECM Technologies, has been proven to restore lost HVAC efficiency, improve indoor air conditions and reduce energy consumption, resulting in more sustainable environments. The treatment offers a typical payback period that ranges from 12 to 36 months and results in HVAC operational savings of up to 20% annually. Only one treatment is needed for the life of the HVAC system and is backed by a full warranty for the remaining useful life of the equipment.

AC Wise works with businesses to develop tailored energy conservation measures to assist in reaching sustainability goals that extend beyond mere compliance. In Asia, an unprecedented surge in demand for air conditioning is underway. According to a report from the International Energy Agency (IEA), electricity consumption in Southeast Asia is projected to double by 2040, with air conditioning systems emerging as potent contributors to both overall and peak electricity requirements. The IEA study underscores the pressing need for sustainable solutions to address the escalating energy demands of the region.

Through this new partnership, AC Wise will be the exclusive distributor of ThermaClear in the Asia-Pacific region, harnessing its expansive distribution network and deep-rooted industry knowledge to serve key markets, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Maldives and Thailand, with substantial growth opportunities in regions like Indonesia and India.

AC Wise's Vice President of Growth, Thomason Chan, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, "We are thrilled to join forces with ECM Technologies to bring ThermaClear to the Asian-Pacific market. After seeing the proven results of this incredible technology in the United States, we knew the benefits would be incredible in markets that use air conditioning year-round such as ours. This partnership represents a pivotal step towards fortifying our commitment to ushering in a greener future for businesses and eventually homeowners across Asia."

"ECM Technologies is excited to embark on this transformative partnership with AC Wise," said David Fenton, chief revenue officer at ECM Technologies. "We have seen great results with every ThermaClear installation, and this partnership will extend our reach into one of the fastest growing HVAC markets in the world. With AC Wise, we are poised to redefine the landscape of environmentally conscious operations throughout Asia. Together, we can assist businesses in seamlessly enhancing their air conditioning systems, lowering their carbon footprint and experiencing remarkable cost savings."

The initial ThermaClear shipment into this market will treat over 20,000 tons of air conditioning.

This is just the latest partnership ECM Technologies has announced. Last year the company was awarded a $2.1 million contract with the City of Phoenix to treat up to 12 million square feet of air-conditioned space (the contract was later increased to $2.5 million). Through this landmark contract, ECM Technologies executed its state-of-the-art solution at prominent facilities throughout the city, including Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, underscoring its effectiveness in handling critical infrastructure.

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