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Jul/Aug 2021 "Cementitious" Issue Released by AZ Contractor & Community Magazine

In this 96-page “cementitious” July/Aug issue of Arizona Contractor & Community Magazine, we’ve focused on a building material that is used in structures, roads, fountains, statues, breezeblocks - and allegedly by a jealous wife who had a truck driver unload his concrete mix into the interior of her husband’s convertible. We also feature a 16-page advertorial celebrating the 130th anniversary of CalPortland, a company that has supplied Arizona’s building needs since 1895.

To examine Arizona's concrete heritage, we're fortunate to have an impressive roster of contributors, including Heather David, Michelle Dodds, Jennifer Levstik, and Douglas Sydnor. Copies are available via the ACC website or at Books on 7th Avenue in Phoenix, or the Ignite Sign Art Museum in Tucson.


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