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National Skyscraper Day Celebrated

Skyscrapers have become pretty commonplace in modern times, and National Skyscraper Day on Sept.3 is our golden opportunity to appreciate these architectural marvels and feats of engineering. The world’s first skyscraper was completed in 1885 in Chicago and it stood only 138 feet tall, a mere 10 stories that would not even count as a skyscraper today. But the name stuck, and initially any building that towered high over the surrounding structures was dubbed a skyscraper. Over time, our ability to engineer and construct skyscrapers improved drastically, and now a building must have at least 40 floors to be classified as a skyscraper at all.

Though the official origins of National Skyscraper Day are unknown, National Today, the internet’s #1 authority on holidays, feels that it remains clear these structures are a true testament to the awesomeness of humanity. Skyscrapers require brilliant architects who can design beautiful buildings that will proudly feature in the city skyline for generations to come. But skyscrapers also rely on ingenious engineers to turn architectural designs into a real-world plan of action founded on modern scientific principles.

Phoenix's first skyscraper was the eight-story Heard Building, built at 112 North Central Avenue in 1920. The building served as the headquarters for Dwight Heard's various investment and publishing ventures, including The Arizona Republic.


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