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New Family Development to be Built in North Scottsdale

By M J X Powell, ASU Walter Cronkite School of Journalism

A new multifamily development was approved at the Scottsdale Review Board meeting on Thursday, Feb. 3. The board approved the site plan, landscape plan, and building elevations of a new 400-unit residential building for North Scottsdale.

The residence will serve as a community that will feature, “some of the largest units, the most diverse amenities and qualitative aspects that you would expect in a Northern Scottsdale location that is surrounded by viable workforce or places to work or enjoy the outdoors,” said Rich Barber, from the office of ORB Architecture in Phoenix.

The building will be located on the corner of 76th Street and Legacy Boulevard. It is housed in Cavasson, an area under development, which will eventually feature shopping, dining, multifamily residences, and more.

“We’re dealing with a master plan that was developed by Nationwide, assisted by Grayhawk, and a development that’s been directed by Alliance Residential,” Barber said. This site is new for the area and stresses the importance of quality in a home Barber added.

The building will cover 18 acres and feature amenities such as a volleyball court, fitness center, and pool/spa. It will be considered an open site plan with central, outdoor community areas within the middle of the building where the amenities will be located. Barber went into more detail about the infrastructure and elevations at the board meeting.

A few board members shared their concerns about the overall appearance of the building, wanting to ensure it would fit in well with the desert landscape.

Board Member Jeff Brand said there was some concern about limitations in the materials they would use for the walls of the building. Brand said that after Barber’s presentation, his questions were answered which helped to relieve those issues.

“I felt what we were provided in our packet was that the exterior was very inadequate for North Scottsdale… but I really like what you have done so I am in support of it now but it was not what we saw in our packet originally,” said Board Member Michal Ann Joyner.

According to Joyner, initial project plans did not look promising but her doubts were replaced with the assurance that the building would match the landscape.

Board Member Shakir Gushgari suggested the installation of a meandering sidewalk to help with the appearance and flow of the community.

“One of the most beautiful things about Grayhawk is the meandering sidewalk… If there is any opportunity to have it meander and to sort of have a linear sidewalk, that would be a great opportunity,” Gushgari said.

Scottsdale residents can now attend City Hall meetings in-person with limited capacity. Meetings will also continue to be live-streamed through the website.


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