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RENCO Roofing supports the internationally renowned group in its75th Anniversary Gala on Feb. 25

RENCO Roofing, Arizona’s premier roofing contractor, announced today its sponsorship of the award-winning Phoenix Boys Choir’s 75th Anniversary Gala. The company has been a proud sponsor of the Phoenix Boys Choir, an organization that provides choral music training, education, performance opportunities, and learning experiences, for the last three years and is thrilled to support the organization during this milestone anniversary.

Brandi Reynolds with Herbert Washington, the Harvey K Smith Artistic Director.

This year, RENCO Roofing is a Youth Champion sponsor, donating $10,000 to the Phoenix Boys Choir at their 75th Anniversary Gala. That donation will help to cover tour costs for one of the Tour Choir choristers who qualify for financial assistance. The Choir will head to the British Isles and perform in Scotland and Ireland for crowds from across the pond.

RENCO Roofing began its partnership with the Phoenix Boys Choir in January 2020 when its Business Development and Marketing Manager, Brandi Reynolds, joined the RENCO team. Reynolds serves on the Phoenix Boys Choir board and has since July 2018, but her relationship with the organization began seven years ago when her eldest son joined the choir.

The Phoenix Boys Choir

“I joined the board to be a conduit between the parents who serve the choir as volunteers and the board as they were moving forward with identifying the next artistic director and direction of the organization,” said Reynolds.

According to Reynolds, RENCO Roofing’s support couldn’t have been better. During this time in 2020, the COVID-19 virus made it difficult for the Phoenix Boys Choir to maintain normal operations, and like many organizations, it turned to virtual options.

“Their donation in the virtual event we held that year helped us keep the doors open. All our donors that year helped us purchase equipment that made it possible for the choir to sing and have the recorded music to accompany them and later the equipment for a car choir.”

RENCO Roofing will not only continue their support of the Phoenix Boys Choir in 2023 but will also be the Finish Line Sponsor at the UMOM New Day Center’s Annual Walk to End Homelessness and members of the company’s team will volunteer with TradeUp, a group that teaches middle school students about trades in construction.


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