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TDIndustries Kicks Off Safety Week with Helmet Rollout

TDIndustries is embracing innovative and modern head protection by providing safety helmets to the workforce. During Construction Safety Week, TD continues to educate workers on head protection safety innovation and how upgrading from hard hats to safety helmets can reduce traumatic brain injury risks.

"TD embraces safety innovation, and I’m proud to see many TD partners sporting new helmets at our job sites," said TD Vice President of Safety, Health and Environmental Jamie Dabbs, CSP. "Safety Week is the perfect time to introduce safety helmets while focusing each day on relevant safety topics to better prepare us to enter the busiest and hottest part of the year."

Safety helmets slowly entered the market around 2015 and will eventually become the norm on construction sites. Type 2 safety helmets are an improved design compared to traditional suspension-based hard hats as they will stay secure in the event of a fall.

"Traditional construction hard hats are antiquated technology," Dabbs says. "In January, the safety department began wearing safety helmets and we utilized a QR code to track interest at job sites. Since then, more than 500 TD partners have signed up to upgrade their head protection."

For the last several years, TD has received national construction safety excellence award recognition from Associated Builders and Contractors and Associated General Contractors of America. Watch this video for more information about TD's safety helmet rollout. Read more about TD’s industrywide safety leadership and technology innovation at


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