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Tucson Asphalt “Blazes” Through Horizon Hills Project

Tucson Asphalt employees are well-versed when it comes to safety on the job. This training boded well when an emergency occurred near their job site near Ina and Thornydale roads in Tucson.

“During the project, two employees noticed heavy smoke coming from one of the nearby homes,” Ramon Gaanderse, vice president of operations, says. “Robert Bedoy and Roman Madrigal quickly drove to the house and used their fire extinguisher from their vehicle, water jugs, and sand to help put out the blaze. Tucson Asphalt recognized their efforts with gift cards to Home Depot.

The company was working at the Horizon Hills subdivision, a $1.6 million, three-week paving project funded by Pima County to improve the streets in the neighborhood. Tucson Asphalt added ten speedbumps during the project.

The most challenging aspects of the project were the cul de sacs, which were numerous and not easy to complete. “After finding our ‘stride,’ they became easier to do,” Gaanderse says. “Not each one is created equal, so we had to strategize each time.”

He says other complicated parts of the project were having to match new ramps that had to be at 2 percent or less. “Lastly, with the amount of trucking needed, scheduling was crucial to the project's success and timeline.”

Subcontractors on the Horizon Hills subdivision project included Arizona Trucking, ConformaTech, Desert Barricades, Desert Trucking, Harvey Trucking, Milling Services, Miura Contracting, Sierra Mining, and Southwest Barricades.

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This article originally appeared in the bimonthly Arizona Contractor & Community magazine, Jul/Aug 2021 issue, Vol. 10, No. 4.


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