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Arizona Contractor & Community magazine starts off the summer by doing what many of us did with our families after the school year ended: hitting the open road! Along the journey, we enjoy the state’s unforgettable, Mom-and-Pop neon motel signs, coffee shops, hidden vintage signage, and the Ramada Inn story, Arizona’s homegrown motel chain.

The 80-page magazine then gets back to work with construction articles on the Chesley family, whose members worked for four generations in the paving industry, including Sinagua Paving. And we debut a new column, “Old School Equipment,” where we examine vintage machines like elevating bucket loaders.

Copies are available via the ACC website or at Books on 7th Avenue in Phoenix, or the Ignite Sign Museum in Tucson.


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Arizona Contractor & Community magazine has become a vital forum for the state’s building industry by providing critical information and exposure to companies in the field. Moreover, the publication has expanded beyond traditional construction, architecture, and real estate topics and has found an audience with those who have fresh ideas on adaptive reuse of historic buildings or making new developments more community-friendly and sustainable. ​


​The magazine also looks frequently in the rearview mirror with articles that honor the many remarkable accomplishments of the building industry in Arizona. It may have been “just a job” back in the day, but these construction pioneers created the spectacular framework that still holds Arizona together. Anyone with an interest in history or engineering will enjoy the incredible legacy of roads, buildings, dams, and other infrastructure projects featured in the magazine.


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