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Think of our March/April issue as a mid-morning break at the construction site. We’ve decided to emphasize the “community” part of our name, briefly idle the big yellow machines, and focus on how Arizonans entertained themselves during the post-World War II boom years.

We’re calling it the “Pop-Culture” issue, and we lead off with The Wallace and Ladmo Show, which was TV made for kids that adults loved. Other topics include the “Phoenix Sound” created by pioneering musicians Lee Hazlewood, Duane Eddy, Jimmy Delbridge, and Waylon Jennings in Coolidge, a town known more for its nearby cotton fields. To liven up the party, we toss in greyhound racing and A-1 beer.  It sounds like a good time to me!

The magazine doesn’t get entirely away from its roots. But we cover construction with a twist through photo essays illustrating how workers dressed, and the mid-century memorabilia contractors produced.

Magazines available via the ACC website or at Books on 7th Avenue in Phoenix,

or at the Ignite Sign Museum in Tucson.


Since we can't visit the ornate Orpheum Theatre in Phoenix these days, the next best thing is to take a look at Arizona Contractor & Community Magazine's "Back When" (Mar-Apr 2020 issue) about its history, and the crowds that flocked to the venue to watch Bridge on the...

Charles A. “Chuck” Runbeck passed away on Monday, March 9, 2020, roughly six weeks shy of his 92nd birthday.

Born in 1928 in Aberdeen, South Dakota, his parents were Swedish immigrant Anton Runbeck and Wisconsin native Nina Hooper. In 1937, his family moved to Coolidge,...

The 38th issue of Arizona Contractor & Community Magazine is a whopper coming in at 96 pages. Think of it as a mid-morning break at the construction site. We’ve decided to emphasize the “community” part of our name, briefly idle the big yellow machines, and focus on ho...

Mother Nature caused a massive traffic jam in the Valley in the spring of 1965. For the first time in 24 years, heavy winter snowfall in northern Arizona resulted in sustained high flows in the usually dry Salt River channel.

The water came primarily from its major trib...

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In a May 2019 article, we warned contractors to beware of the dangers hackers looking to snag online payments.

Today, the danger is greater than ever, and it isn't limited to contractors.

Any business (and any person anywhere) using e-mail, remote access, or online p...

The New York and Tel Aviv based company Dynamic Infrastructure has decided to open free of charge its AI-based technology to enable Departments of Transportation and Private Public Partnerships (PPP) to continue to remotely manage the critical maintenance of bridges an...

Although many schools and universities are shutting down and ‘work-from-home’ arrangements being mooted by businesses, the contagious nature of the virus means that risk of infection is ever-present, both indoors and outdoors. As things stand, people continue to flock...

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