Arizona Contractor & Community magazine celebrates its 10th anniversary with a little help from the ASU cheerleading squad. In this 80-page issue, we feature stories on Bentson Contracting and its associated Union Rock and Materials Company, two heavyweights in midcentury construction. We tap into the knowledge of John Cadzow to explore the history of Arizona auctioneering. As a finale, we profile two memorable characters in Phoenix history: Salvadore Cudia who operated a movie studio and restaurant by Camelback Mountain, and Denny Gleason, a talented pianist when he wasn’t posting handmade street signs around the Valley. 

For our core topic of construction, as we feature the latest projects by Chasse, Faciliteq, McCarthy, and Willmeng. The issue is rounded out with Douglas Sydnor’s column on Native American architect Dennis C. Numkena, and stories on why aluminum and concrete are a bad “mix,” and how to get a competitive advantage for your new construction business by crowdspring founder, Ross Kimbarovsky.

Copies are available via the ACC website or at Books on 7th Avenue in Phoenix, or the Ignite Sign Museum in Tucson.


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Arizona Contractor & Community magazine has become a vital forum for the state’s building industry by providing critical information and exposure to companies in the field. Moreover, the publication has expanded beyond traditional construction, architecture, and real estate topics and has found an audience with those who have fresh ideas on adaptive reuse of historic buildings or making new developments more community-friendly and sustainable. ​


​The magazine also looks frequently in the rearview mirror with articles that honor the many remarkable accomplishments of the building industry in Arizona. It may have been “just a job” back in the day, but these construction pioneers created the spectacular framework that still holds Arizona together. Anyone with an interest in history or engineering will enjoy the incredible legacy of roads, buildings, dams, and other infrastructure projects featured in the magazine.


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Arizona Contractor & Community (ACC) magazine started in 2012 to bring the Arizona construction, engineering, and architecture markets together by providing important and memorable content to its readers. Our publication gives our advertisers a unique and attractive outlet to display their goods and services.

The magazine highlights current construction projects, companies, and employees. To this mix, we add stories about pioneering individuals, structures, and businesses in Arizona's construction industry.

In our 10th year of publication, ACC magazine has evolved over the years from a quarterly to a bimonthly, 80-page publication with a print run of more than 5,500 issues. ACC magazine also manages an online blog and social media circuit. We invite submittals of construction-related material to showcase to the industry.

The product we have created is a popular vehicle, and the magazine has been featured in The Arizona Republic and the Phoenix’s North Central News.

Our unique population has allowed advertisers to create compelling and exciting ads to expand their markets. Please consider joining our growing team of advertisers; we think you'll be surprised at the results.

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